Why not let your administrative assistant concentrate on the company's needs and Let Me Arrange It handle the social side of your business?

Let Me Arrange It organizes executive and/or employee group trips to sporting events, dinner theatre, murder mystery shows, and other local events. We handle seminars and training sessions and can make arrangements for most any group activity.

Let Me Arrange It takes the tedious and time-consuming details out of you hands, so you and all of your employees can relax and enjoy the event. A tour guide is available, upon request, to accompany your group to ensure everything goes as schedule.


You work hard for your organization. When it's time to play, Let Me Arrange It can take the work out of planning your event, by doing it for you.

Want your group to go to dinner and attend the theatre; go on a gambling or shopping excursion, take in a sporting event?
Let Me Arrange It will handle all the details to ensure an enjoyable day trip, or evening outing for your organization.

Call today for our itinerary of professionally planned tours, or let me know where and when you would like to go.
Let Me Arrange It will do just that.


Are your hard working volunteers getting burned out on planning outings for your fellow parishioners? On your next trip Let Me Arrange It so everyone can enjoy himself or herself.

Let Me Arrange It can plan your group tour at a reasonable cost. We attend to all the time-consuming and tedious tasks, such as making reservations negotiating the best price, and following through on every detail. An escort is available to accompany the group, if you wish.

Let me know where you would like to go, or look over our itinerary of professionally planned tours to make your selection.


You've handled the details all of your lives. Now let me take care of them for you. Let Me Arrange It It ensures a worry-free, enjoyable and safety conscious outing, at an affordable cost to you.

All the arrangements, including reservations and transportation, are made for you. A tour guide is available to accompany the group on the trip, or you can go on your own.

Let Me Arrange It, and all that's left for you to do is have fun.

Call today for our itinerary of professionally planned tours, or let me know what's on your agenda and I'll arrange it for you.

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